SRS40203 Certificate IV in Sport (Coaching)

Sport specialisation: martial arts

This Certificate IV in Sport Coaching Qualification is structured specifically for the martial arts industry. The course was originally released by Sport and Recreation Australia (SRTA) under the authority of the (ANTA) Australian National Training Authority and is now recognised by the Service Industry Skills Council (SISC).

This Sport Industry training package qualification holds the relevant units of competence for martial arts that will now allow participants to attain formal recognition from the government and the community for their martial arts training and studies. This qualification is a benchmark and now sets the standard for all martial artists training in the industry. The certificate IV qualification is ideal for club owners and operators and especially important if you are interested in training your own students to become instructors. It is recommended that all senior coaches set a goal to become certificate IV qualified. This qualification also allows instructors to apply for accreditation with relevant peak bodies.

You will become recognised as attaining the higher degree of qualification, necessary as a martial arts industry leader. Help your students attain nationally recognised instructor status and open other schools under your own network. Articulation into further studies such as Diploma will also now be available. This training package is suitable to all martial arts disciplines.
RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning)
RPL recognises the skills you have gained from other courses, life experience, work experience and training provided at work. The RPL process measures your skills against the outcomes of a course or module.
RPL includes course/module exemptions.
RPL does not include Credit Transfer.
It is important to apply for RPL if you think you have already got some experience that might be relevant to your course.

Note: This course is a combination of competent physical and theoretical martial arts studies, in combination with the specific units of competence outlined in this information. The International College of Kenshusei only deliver the specific units of competence that make up the training package, whilst the martial arts school is responsible for competent delivery of the specific martial arts system. Final assessment for this qualification is a collaborative effort between the martial arts club senior instructor and the International College of Kenshusei.

Graduates of this qualification and who also hold a current senior first aid certificate are now eligible to instruct independently and apply for registration with relevent martial arts peak bodies.

Summary of Certificate IV Modules
Core:  Administration and management, lead work teams, customer service, communication, sport and recreation law, advanced first aid, computer programs, analysing markets and risk analysis.

Coaching Stream:  Selecting teams or groups, legal responsibilities, working with officials, provide information regarding drugs in sport, sports psychology, eating for peak performance (Advanced Nutrition), coach welfare, recovery training programs, plan, conduct and evaluate long term training programs and conflict management.

Martial Arts Specialisation:- Teach advanced skills of martial arts.

Elective:-  Implement accreditation and registration procedures. Customised coaching for children, customised coaching for mature aged participants and customised coaching for people with disabilities. Personal image, presentation and negotiation skills, media interviews, sports trainer, basic strength and conditioning with and without the use of resistance equipment.

Refund policy
Once course materials have been issued to the student, no refund will be given. Lange’s Martial Arts will refund all payments made by a student if the course is cancelled.

Our professional Martial Arts courses are all Government accredited, Centrelink, Austudy & Abstudy approved. Enabling you to train full time.

Lange’s Martial Arts Centres have partnered with the International College of Kenshusei RTOid No 6930) to ensure quality training and assessment standards are maintained. All nationally recognised qualifications are issued by the International College of Kenshusei upon successful completion of all units of competence.

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